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Brain Body Well ~ Natural & Lifestyle Medicine / Digestive Wellness / Mental Health


Clinical Nutritionist

Bachelor Science Psychology (Hons)
Macquarie University

Hi, I'm Gina. I am a clinical nutritionist with formal education in naturopathy, herbal medicine, counselling and psychology.  I work primarily with gut and nervous system complaints such as IBS, functional gut disorders, mood and anxiety.

I started my practice to provide a natural treatment approach that offers deeper answers and relief.  My mission is to help women with chronic gut and stress symptoms understand the root causes and rebuild their health using foods, supplements and therapeutic practices.


I have an extensive health journey of my own and understand the isolation and frustration that can come with chronic gut symptoms. Diagnosed with IBS at a young age, constipation, bloating and pain became my constant companions. The conventional treatments offered were limited, and I accepted laxatives and pain medication as my best options.

It wasn't until I sought help for severe abdominal pain that I truly confronted the failures of our conventional medical system in this space. After a number of visits to doctors and emergency rooms, I finally got the point. Beyond pain killers, antacids and dubious looks, I was not going to get the help I needed.

I decided to look elsewhere and, doing my own research, finally found answers that made sense. Turning to food and natural medicines, I created a plan, and for the first time started to experience relief. This lead me to pursue formal studies in nutrition and natural medicine and many years later, to open a practice helping women with similar stories to my own.


Today our understanding of functional gut problems like IBS has improved. However treatment approaches, such as low FODMAP, still only scratch the surface and fail to address the cause. Anxiety and low mood continue to be treated as separate issues, with a limited focus on pharmaceutical and cognitive therapies. I believe we can do better.

At Brain Body Well, I aim to address the connection between gut, mood and stress symptoms. I use functional testing and clinical assessment to look deeper into gut dysfunction and emotional imbalances. Drawing on a range of therapeutic tools my goal is to help you rehabilitate your gut and nervous system so that you become more tolerant to food and stress.


My own health journey has fostered empathy and determination in my approach to supporting others in this space. My hope is to help you find the clarity and relief you deserve, and most of all, a return to yourself.

Are you struggling with chronic gut and anxiety symptoms? Book a FREE Gut Assessment now. Let's discuss your health goals and how I can help.