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Brain Body Well ~ Natural & Lifestyle Medicine / Digestive Wellness / Mental Health

Online appointments via video call are available throughout Australia, USA and Worldwide.

Face to face bookings are available at our Maroochydore clinic on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Please get in contact for available times and bookings.

Please note all fees are priced in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Free Health Call (15 minutes)

Book a free call to discus your health concerns with me, learn more about how I work and decide if we are a good fit.

Free Gut Assessment (30 minutes) - New

If you experience ongoing gut symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, pain, nausea, gas or heart burn, this is for you. Book an appointment and fill in the questionnaire to find out what could be driving symptoms, learn more about testing and treatment options and how I can work with you.

Initial Consult (1.5 hours) - $170

During this initial appointment we discuss your current symptoms and health goals in detail. A thorough assessment of your health history and any previous tests helps us get to the bottom of what is driving symptoms and choose appropriate testing and treatment approaches.

Health Report (1 hour) - $130

In this follow up appointment you are provided with the results of your initial consultation and a clear set of next steps to help you start addressing your health concerns. You will receive a health report which includes a;

  • Summary of findings
  • Review of previous test results
  • Referrals for further testing
  • Health plan including prescribed supplements, foods, diet, exercises etc.

Follow Up Consult (30 mins) - $95

During follow up consultations we check on your progress, answer questions, go over test results, celebrate successes and work through challenges.  We also discuss the causes of health issues in more detail, the basis for treatment approaches and specific practices and exercises to support your recovery.

Follow Up Consult (1 hour) - $130