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Brain Body Well ~ Natural & Lifestyle Medicine / Digestive Wellness / Mental Health


The Sensitive One is a podcast all about living in the world as a highly sensitive person. Whether you’re dealing with food sensitivity, gut symptoms, anxiety or emotional sensitivity, this is a podcast for you.  Perhaps you’ve even been known as “the sensitive one” too?

Tune in wherever you get your podcasts to hear my interviews with health professionals, psychotherapists and everyday people living with sensitivity and willing to share their journey and the insights and solutions they have discovered along the way.

The Sensitive One hopes to be an expression of my belief that knowledge about health is empowering, and belongs in the hands of the people, and that in sharing our knowledge and experiences as a community we can find new answers and break throughs. After all, health is an endless journey of learning and discovery. Why not learn from each other?


The first season of The Sensitive One will kick off with “Intolerant”, a series of podcast episodes all about food allergies and intolerances and what it’s like to live with them. 

In this series you will get to hear about my own journey with food intolerances and I’ll share my thoughts and concerns about this growing problem. Join us as we discuss what food intolerances and allergies are, what causes them and why they seem to be increasing? We will talk about the symptoms, what it’s like to live with food reactions and how it impacts our mental health and relationships.

We’ll hear stories from people who have overcome serious food intolerances and allergies, sometimes in unexpected ways. We’ll discuss how people can recover and what the long-term solutions might be. 

You can follow the series on our facebook page and subscribe when available to get updates on new episodes. Full episodes are available to listen to through youtube, apple podcasts, google podcasts, spotify, audible and wherever you listen to your podcasts.